~ Thankful ~

For all the memories,
the kisses and hugs
for inspiration and bare feet on the rug.
for sisters and brothers,
for fathers and mothers being there for one another.
letters from dear friends in the mail,
seeing the wag from my puppy dogs tail.
feeling the blue sky up above
finally understanding what it means to love.
cherish the things that you're thankful for
the people who love you, the ones you adore :)
~ for Devon (from mommy)


  1. awwww so sweet!
    That is such a beautiful (and adorable!) photograph of your little Devon.

  2. Hi!

    I just visited your shop on etsy heart-ed many items... if i had a baby girl I would dress her with your heart breaker skirt, is the sweetest! Wish you many sales during this Christmas season.
    Take care,

    The Card Tree