Counting the days

It's been over a month now since I've seen Isaac or Devon. Before this the longest I had been separated from Devon was three days, from Isaac...maybe a week? I miss them terribly, but talk to them often on the phone (once going a few days without being able to speak to them at all, while Isaac was in between getting his new phone) During that time I felt completely isolated and helpless (and guilty too!) One of those days, a co-worker asked me, "How is your family doing?" I responded by bursting into tears and then running to the bathroom, leaving her very confused I'm sure. So, I'm super excited to report that I will be reunited with Devon and Isaac this weekend! It's only going to be a few days but it's all I can think about, two more days...
As much as I miss them, I also have to make sure that I enjoy my time alone (something I really haven't had at all in the past three years) my time to finally go out with some friends, grab a drink...dance to some really amazing music, and be thankful that I finally made it back to the city where we fell in love:)
...shot on a beautiful day spent re-exploring china town...
...the view from my rooftop...


  1. It won't be much longer until everything is back like it used to be, but much better because you'll be in the city that has your heart (and I can see why you love it so much, what an amazing place it is!). I'm sorry that it's proving to be difficult, but it seems like you've got the right outlook on it. Enjoy your weekend with your loves! ♥

  2. Hey you,,I have been thinking about you...I know all about needing your own time. That is why I went on my 2 week vacation,,hope everything is going good..enjoy your weekend with hubby and Devon..sending huggs..

  3. I am sure it hurts your heart being away from them, but yes, enjoy your time. I have not had a lone time in 3 years like u!! lol. your pics look amazing, you guys are going to have an amazing life in San Fran. <3