Making lists...

the-birds-schoolhouse (2) Harbor_seals_at_Bodega_Bay

 It's VERY cold in SF right now, so we haven't been out of the house all weekend and I've been making lists,
 all kinds of lists...lists of what I'm sewing this week, and what I'm finishing by the end of the month.
 Lists of how many children's pieces/ verses women's pieces/ verses private client work I'm doing over
 the next three months. Lists of what I want to buy for who for Christmas, and lists of what I want to do
 by when with the website.

 I always get very "listy" around the end of the year, and the list I'm most excited about right now is the list
 of what I want to do for vacations! The idea for our first vacation came to me while I was trying to figure
 out locations to shoot the new childrens line on Devon. I wanted us to rent a car and just drive along
 the coast, shooting where we felt like it and staying in some quaint little bed and breakfast along the way.
 The line will be ready to shoot by end of February (which just so happens to be our 10 year wedding
 anniversary) So this year we'll be shooting Devon's Spring 2014 line in Bodega Bay: riding horses, sailing,
 and most certainly at the old Potter Schoolhouse (from Alfred Hitchcock's movie "The Birds") equal parts
 romantic and eerie.

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