~ Our hearts will always be in San Francisco ~

These paintings of San Francisco might seem dreary to some but to me they are comforting like warm soup, blankets and Netflix on a rainy day. My brother painted these. He is amazing, when I first saw them I thought they were photos. He has an incredible tutorial at his website that demonstrates how he created these masterpieces. Check it out and be amazed.

When I lived in San Francisco and made frequent trips to LA to buy fabrics, it always seemed that the people I met in LA did not like San Francisco and vice versa. I admit I used to say"I'll NEVER live in LA" and then in December of '03 I convinced Isaac that we should move there. It seemed like the right thing to do at the time. I had shut down production of my women's clothing label and had also racked up some really hefty debt after my divorce. Since I no longer had the funds to run my own company, I had to support myself by working at a fabric store (and, of course, this would not do at all) It seemed like such a waste to let 7 years of experience and training go down the drain, so I decided that I would get an industry job. I would go to LA and design for someone else for awhile. I would learn everything I could about design and get a fat paycheck as well. Besides, LA was bright and sunny, right? It seemed like a fresh new start but almost as soon as we got here, I regretted the move. I missed everything about San Francisco. I miss watching the fog roll over the hills, trips to the Saulsalito dog park, my favorite spot at the beach. I even miss the things I used to not really appreciate about the city, like the lack of sun. It's actually a wonderful thing for playing up your personal style. I miss all those crazy "layered- up" Art Academy students everywhere. Even more, I miss all the great food, bars and how people really got together there to just "hang out" and talk and have a drink. There has been so many times since I moved to LA that I've made plans to try and be social in one way or another..."let's do lunch" or "lets' meet for coffee" which really means "I'd love to see you but I really don't want to have to battle the traffic to get to you". Driving in LA makes me tense and angry and unfortunately there's no way to live here and not have to drive all over it's awful sprawl. SF...We will be seeing you soon <3

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  1. I always loved these pieces by Mike. He has such an eye.
    Must run in the family!