Sew what's new?

It's been tough to list new product since I've been balancing sewing production for my Etsy, as well as wholesale orders for Sweet William. Great news: Bronagh's opening a new store in Manhattan this October, YAY! Hopefully we can take a much needed vacation and visit the shop soon.
These dresses will only be available at Sweet William and shipped out end of last week. I'm working on a new batch for her now, sorta "Holly Hobbiesque" in brick red corduroy with vintage "Peter Rabbit" print bodices. I'll make sure to snap a pic of one on Devon (she's been itching to do some modeling lately) So, be assured that I will be setting aside some time this weekend to squeeze in a few new items for Fall.
Make sure to keep an eye on our Etsy this week...here's a sneak peek of one of my favorite new florals that I'll be making into dresses this weekend. Devon's very excited about this one (she's been all about flowers lately) Every morning she picks one piece to wear (and I still get to help her build around it, don't know how much longer that's going to last) So I'm savoring every moment.
She was in love with this floral smock top I made her last week. She wore it very "streetwear"(on her millionth run to the post office with Mom) then "girly" on an outing to the fabric store (again for the millionth time with Mom)


  1. I love following your blog to see what design you will come up with next - you are so talented. Those dresses you designed for Sweet William are brilliant!

  2. It's so cute to see her different "looks"! I think she's got great taste- florals are fab, especially if they're really vintagey!