Morning Smiles:)

I'm feeling super stressed lately, so now more than ever it's very important to keep things in perspective and work on beginning each day in a positive mind set. Since I've always had a really bad habit of being a "critic" and tend to get easily caught up in "negative thought trains" I've decided that "things that make you smile" posts every Tuesday are the way to go. So we'll start it off with the most obvious things that make people smile- "good morning" smiles!These guys are some of the very first morning faces that I see since they sit neatly on top of our kitchen window- right by the coffee maker:)
Speaking of coffee, it's pretty much one of the first "needs" that pops into my head every morning. So I made it a priority to get a happy mug (and yes, I bought myself a "Mom" mug- on the back it say's "you're the best!")
After my coffee ritual, it's time to tend to our pets: Bik Wu and Billy (our dogs) and BooBoo (the bunny) Of course, I love them all but Bik Wu always has the warmest and fuzziest morning smile
About an hour after I wake, Devon gets up. Her puffy eyed, sleepy morning face is the BEST!


  1. oh man, that last picture definitely puts a smile on my face!

  2. I am totally the same "critic" you are, these tuesday posts are an awesome idea :) and there is absolutely nothing wrong with a mom, I too have one lol <3