Devon just got over a really weird 24 hour cold. She hardly ever gets sick, so I was sorta flippin' out a little during the night when she had a fever and super stuffy nose (mainly because she refused to drink ANYTHING and I was so worried about dehydration) Luckily, she was totally over it by morning (my tuff girl) I was even able to get her out of the house to shoot this batch of dresses (that I'm shipping off to Sweet William) next week. Finally, I'm using this vintage "Peter Rabbit" print (and in a way that the "slavery" scene is completely deleted, YAY!)

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  1. This dress turned out super cute, and little Devon is such a pro that you'd never even know she was under the weather just the day before the photos. That is strange about the fabric! I hadn't seen your previous post about it, but that's kinda funny..