I roamed around Japan Town yesterday back to one of my favorite destinations when I lived here years ago, Kinokuniya Bookstore. They have the best fashion magazines and at the lowest prices of any location. I've always found Japanese mags to be so much more inspirational than any US publications. Instead of being chalk full of ads, it's page after page of gorgeous editorials and a million teeny tiny outfits laid out flat so that every little detail can be seen. I'm finding brands that I've never heard of before that are just genius like Good Evening, Wafflish Waffle and Snidel Girl. The image above is from Snidel Girls Spring '11 line, not the most attractive name (or nearly as funny as Wafflish Waffle) but definitely the most precious pieces for your little girl. They do a women's line as well, unfortunately it seems like it's only available in Japan:(

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  1. You can never go wrong with maryjanes! I wish I would have visited Japan town while I was there. How I would have loved to end up with a whole stack of fascinating magazines to come home with!