Drape Pocket Loungers



Here's some cute pics of my most recent Spring item for Sweet William. This fabric was one of the most difficult that I've dealt with so far. It's a rayon with a beautiful "basketweave" effect, great drape but super slippery! I ended up damageing two pairs of pant's in the final "clipping" phase...very frustrating. These little pants went from size 12m all the way up to 8Y. I wanted to apologize for being such a bad blogger lately. I've recently relocated to San Francisco and it's been really tough for me since Isaac and Devon are still in Southern California and will not be joining me for several weeks. Our Etsy boutique is also on vacation mode until I can reunite with my babies!


  1. These look so fun and comfy! I'm glad to hear you've relocated to San Francisco. Hopefully being reunited with your loves will help you to settle right in. Stay happy, they'll be there before you know it! And in the mean time, maybe take some time to enjoy the solitude. I bet you'll miss it once it's gone, even though you'll be thankful to have your family around. ;-)

  2. Your Awesome!! Your inspiring...I would love to learn from you and just beautiful work! Keep it up. Most be hard being away from your love ones, its hard. But same time take, take some well deserved mommy time.
    Can't wait to see what else you make!!