~ City Of Love ~

Isaac's sister, Rachel certainly knows how to have the "picture perfect" wedding of all weddings, the fairytale "every girls dream come true" in the place most famous for falling in love (and my favorite place on earth) PARIS!!!

Her dress reminded me of 50"s style glamour. The silhouette, a classic "sheath" style bodice that is nipped tight at the waist with a corset detail up the back and then spilling into a dramatic and voluminous skirt complete with a huge and wonderful bustle! And to top it all off, the dress (from an atelier in Germany) is a deep and beautiful shade of red in gorgeous silk taffeta. The shoes..Louboutin, of course! So, to complete her wedding gowns dramatic look, she asked me to create a hat and jacket (from the extra fabric she had luckily been given when she purchased the dress)

The hat was cake, the jacket was another matter....but it all came together beautifully in the end.

Ahhh Paris! (and her ceremony was even on a yacht, drifting in The Seine River, as they danced in the sunset) Can you believe it? Too Perfect :)

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