~ My Little Indian ~

I 've made a promise to myself to make at least two new items per week for our Etsy boutique. This week I created a "Mini Prairie Dress" it's perfect with our "Mini Moccasins"! I even made Devon a mini headband to complete her look. (I really couldn't believe she even allowed me to keep that on her for the entire photo shoot!) I also made some "Fairy Folklore" baby shoes. These are "one-of-a-kind" little booties that I made as a baby shower gift. So unfortunately you won't see these on Etsy.

This also means that there will be a photoshoot with Devon at least once a week! (which, I have to say, has always been my favorite part.) I know that she LOVES it! Every time I take out the camera, she starts hammin' it up like crazy! Please check out our "Mini Prairie Dress" listing @


and see her INDIAN WAR CRY!!!
Love it :)

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