~ Now and Then ~

Last night I finished up a custom order of the "Mini Prairie Dress" (top pic) It was recreated in the cotton fabric from the "Peppermint Chemise" listing in my Etsy.

These same "hot pink" poplin and "mint stripe"cotton lawn fabrics have been stored on my shelves since 2002. I first purchased them for my "Minette" label (middle pic) "Minette" (French for "trendy young thing") was my answer to my life long struggle between wanting to design something "cute" and "girly" and then turning around and creating something "sporty" and "sexy" for my BRICK line (bottom pic) that I founded in 1997 and ended in 2003 (although I still do "one-of-a-kind" pieces for both labels when inspiration strikes)

Doing "Devon Rose" reminds me of the "Minette" customer and completely satiates my hunger for the "cute". I absolutely love making these teeny-tiny samples! But what about "sporty" and "sexy"? I'll have to lose that last 15 pounds super quick so I can save those designs for myself (hey, I need clothes too)


  1. Anonymous26/4/08 11:09

    That dress is adorable! How small do you make those? I would love to purchase one.

  2. Hi Andrea!

    Thanks so much for stopping by :)
    I left info about the "Peppermint Dress" in your Etsy.