~ Garden Party Two ~

I had received a lot of positive feedback regarding the print/color combination of the Garden Party Dress and disappointment in the fact that there was only one (the print I used was a remnant that a friend had given me years ago). I've been thinking about a sub print and this one turned out to be perfect. It's the first sample for my Singapore project. My trip to Golden D'or ended up being a great one. The thing with outlet stores is once that bolt is used up, that's it... they can't reorder. I had purchased the grey and pink windowpane cotton from there 6 months ago and (to my surprise) there it was, in the same exact place, buried under tons of plaids. I bought enough to make another sample for my project and hid the remaining bolt. Hopefully my luck will last and it will still be there when the orders come in...fingers crossed;)
Devon's been sick the last couple of days, but she was full of energy today! Finger puppet in hand, ready to run errands with mommy.

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