~ Sculptural Fashion ~

An image from Bon Magazine 2009
One of my pieces from my women's wear line "BRICK" published in ILook magazine 2001 , Hong Kong
One of my pieces from my women's wear line "BRICK" published in Sportswear International Fall 2002

I've been diving into a lot of women's fashion magazines as of late, my interest renewed partly because I've finally lost all my pregnancy weight (I gained like 65 pounds!) and partly due to my excitement about my submission to the Gen Art competition. Currently, I've been very inspired by a fashion spread entitled "Body Building" from Bon

An excerpt from the intro describing the spread reads
"We were afraid fashion would be stuck in a retro rut forever. But suddenly, there on the catwalk, was the beautiful face of the future"
I've always been a big fan of sculptural fashion. My pieces from back in the day were all about structuring shoulders and reworking necklines. I loved the idea of creating new shapes. But then again it was 1999-2002 and (at that time) fashion was all about the FUTURE.


  1. You're amazing! What beautiful pieces. Very avant garde.

  2. thanks, Catherine! coming from my favorite designer on Etsy, that's a huge compliment :)