~ Spring Fever ~

...another great pic that makes me long for Spring...I absolutely love the cropped puppy dog top with that hair cut, so stylish and so innocent at the same time.
So...gearing up for Spring this week! I'm looking over the store and filling in the gaps (we are in desperate need of tops) I'm pulling out some embroidered voile and a dainty floral printed cotton that my mom got for me and I just adore~ Thanks mom! She also gave me some beautiful blue, heavily embroidered organza that I'm making into a teeny tiny shift dress. I've found the perfect vintage lace trim (circa 1960) to accent it.

I'm doing one more piece with my black cotton eyelet and a black and white intricately embroidered gingham (I know black isn't the most kid friendly color out there but I just can't help myself) I'm also coming out with some pinstripe denim skinny jeans with ruffle accents to pair with our tops :)

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