A Froggie Father's Day

My plan (initially) was to find something different for us to do for Father's Day. I had remembered this great place called "Bar of Soap", where you could do your laundry, have 75 cent draft beers, play video games, and watch live punk rock/rock-a-billy bands. I knew Isaac would love it and we could be productive and get those towels cleaned too... perfect!
I was also excited to get some shots of Devon running around in there. I made her a new pair of shorts just for the occasion (I call them her 1985 Bike Pants...sooo cute with the Pumas!) Only when we got there, it was gone! And by the looks of it, for quite some time (I've been looking over reviews and discovered that it was closed last September!) We were totally disappointed, but it makes sense that something that cool wouldn't last in Dallas.
Since Devon had fallen asleep in the car, we went ahead and had lunch at Chuy's (definitely NOT different) but yummy, so it worked. She woke up (notice the sweaty bedhead) just in time to walk across the street to have an adventure at her favorite toy store, "Froggie's Five and Dime". I get to hang out with her all the time, but Isaac rarely gets to have the opportunity to see her so excited in this environment. He staged a total mutiny on a pirate ship while Devon ran about playing different instruments and sampling various pieces of plastic fruit...good times;)


  1. "it makes sense that something that cool wouldn't last in Dallas."


  2. Wahaha. Seems more like a 'Happy Children's Day' instead of a 'Father's Day'. But I'm sure daddy and mummy are the happiest seeing Devon happy eh. ;)


  3. Well......Bar of Soap was a bar/club, so you couldn't have brought Devon even if it was open (21 and up only). Froggie's was a much better alternative for some father/daughter time :)

    BTW, Bar of Soap was open for about 20 years (a pretty long life for a club).

  4. lol!!! I KNEW you would'nt be able to resist making a comment on that one ;P