Great way to start the weekend

Friday night, Devon and I had dinner at our friend, Christopher's house. He made us an amazing pizza from scratch with fresh basil from his herb garden. Devon was surprisingly on her best behavior, which allowed me to get some cute shots of her while checking out new surroundings. It is impossible to take a bad picture in there, as there is a place for everything and everything is always in it's place. Christopher works for SkinCeuticals and has the insane sample hookup. He gave me a beautiful, lilac sueded box full of products! I have the mask, cleanser, moisturizer, phloretin CF, and hydrating B5! It was like Christmas! He gave Devon a hot pink, super squishy "Moshi" pig (her new favorite to sleep with) BTW, Devon (and her mommy) LOVES Christopher! She gave him kisses and hugs all night:)
On the weekends, Devon takes her inspiration from M.O.D (Models off Duty) Now that it's scorching hot here, I hacked off all the sleeves from her American Apparel tops. As a muscle tee, the shoulder lap makes for an interesting detail and I was tempted to attach a few pyramid studs on there. But in the end, I decided that would be a major chocking hazard. I really want to source some knitted, very organic looking, athletic mesh and attach it to the top lapped portion. Devon would rock those all summer long...
...pig nose...
...pig face...


  1. LOL - too too cute! Adorable faces! Glad to hear she was on her best behavior for pizza! :0)

  2. Aww she is adorable!

    I love your shop by the way.

  3. ''Devon was surprisingly on her best behavior.'' Is she that bad? lol. The pig nose is adorable!