Rainy Day Outfit

I've been holding onto this small test print of a graphic that I produced (years ago) for a Juniors private label company. I loved the sprawled graffiti look of this "raining bows" screen, while the mixture of browns and blues keep this large print from being too loud. My boss (at that time) dubbed it "too forward" and so it sat on my desk, destined to never see a showroom. I loved it so much, I decided to bring it home. The only problem was (being a test print) there wasn't enough of it to make anything. So... it got sucked into one of my ever growing fabric piles (which I've been reorganizing over the last few days)
I was super excited when I unearthed it, and discovered that there was enough to make a small nightie for Devon! And today was the perfect day to make it, since there's a crazy lighting storm ravaging Dallas right now. We've lost power twice already and water is pouring into our bedroom from one of our super leaky, ghetto windows.
Anyway, it literally took me 15 minutes to cut and sew this nightie! It's designed to be cool and comfortable (perfect for lounging about the house) while still looking cute...although Devon looks cute in everything and nothing.


  1. You took only 15 mins make this lovely nightie? Amazing... It would take me forever. lol. I like the color combination! And Devon looks sexy in the first pic. haha.

    Have a great weekend Emily, Devon, Bik Wu and Billy! :D


  2. aww! you too, Rheea! And lots of hugs and kisses for Nono :)