Inspiration, lessons learned, and new discoveries

*all images are from Third Floor's Fall 2009 line *
Every time I look at my brothers artwork, it makes me remember why I love fashion. It seems strange because he likes to create iron clad zombie warriors and grotesque (yet at the same time, strangely sexually appealing) alien troopers, with armor attached by body piercings (some of my favorites)
It does make sense though, if you knew me (way back when...) I began my schooling as a Costume Design Major. My internship was at the Dallas Theater Center. I learned a lot, technically while slaving away (8 hours a day) sewing costumes. The designer that I had the "pleasure" of working alongside, took great enjoyment in her role as "mentor" and choose to rule over her interns with unjust authority. To give you just one example, she once decided that the faux fur (which SHE purchased for a female character) was the wrong shade of green. Arming me with several markers and a plastic comb, she had me sit for DAYS recoloring a full length shaggy coat to the "correct" shade. And, as you may have guessed, recoloring fake fur with markers makes for one disgusting, sticky mess that even a bag lady wouldn't be caught dead in. ...but I digress...the most important lesson I learned was that I leaned MUCH more towards the fashion side than theater.
But, I continue to be inspired by costumes (particularly those created for science fiction) armor, military uniforms, and technical sportswear. Which is why I was totally blown away by these pieces, and this labels ability to mix all these things (that I have always loved best) into an amazingly fresh men's line that blows me away! Make sure to check out the rest of Third Floors Fall 2009 line here. It almost makes me wish I were a man ;)

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  1. ok, this is too funny! A gentleman (who actually works at The Dallas Theater Center) read my blog this morning. He told the current costume shop manger about it (who worked there at that time as a dresser) she actually remembered the coat (this was a little over 10years ago) and busted out with the markered up, green faux fur buttons! He sent me a pic of the buttons for a laugh....LOL! what a small world!!!!