Cashmere Cardigan

Here's a custom little cardigan I just made (for a favorite customer of mine) using re-purposed cashmere. I do have enough cashmere to make one more for the shop. It'll be a different (darker) shade of grey and I'll have to change up the silhouette as well. I don't have enough to make the adorable hood, but I promise it'll be super sweet too!


  1. It's beautiful!! I just adore the little cape around the shoulders. You're a master seamstress, you know it?

  2. I just saw your shop listing for the new cardigan and it's adorable! Devon looks especially model-ly in the third/middle shot, what a darling. Beautiful work!

  3. i'm in love with this cardi! man, i wish i were your daughter too, lol!

    so sorry about not getting back to you about meeting up. i usually work weekends. maybe i can request a saturday off? but it'd be something like 2 weeks from now, yknow? let me know what works for you (if possible 2 weeks from now) so i can request the weekend off or something. :D also, i'm usually free all day of fridays.

    again, thank you thank you thank you! :D &heats;

  4. awww! thanks so much ladies:) Gotta get more cashmere!

    Belen, whenever you can get the free time works great for me, just remind me when it gets near the date:)