Inspiration: Sweet Bestiary

I've been a fan of Sweet Bestiary's gorgeous finger puppets for sometime (how could you not fall in love with these adorable faces) but what really gets me going is how every single little beasty is adorned in the most perfect teeny outfit! If I could be assured that Devon would not be tempted to play with it, I would get one in a heartbeat, but I also would hate to deny her the chance so I dare not...
These little brooches might be a better alternative for her (and a perfect accessory for our photo shoots) As I'm starting to piece together our Fall line I can't stop thinking of how Devon would make one sweet beast:)


  1. I've been staring at this on Anthropologie.com for weeks now, until I just hit me right now... Would this be too much to make? :D Let me know and I can definitely go for something simple instead. :)


  2. those are so sweet. i want one for me!!!