Sew bored...

Sorry to disappear, but lately I feel like it's just been sew, sew, sew (not very interesting for poor Devon) So Isaac and I have been trying to figure out some fun things to do in our new city. My friend Heather (who I'm convinced knows where everything is for every city in Orange Co) clued me into all the great thrifting in the area and to the fact that we're right around the block from Downtown Disney. I mean, I knew we were right next door to Disneyland (how could you not) but I didn't realise that you didn't have to actually enter the park to have access to all these great shops that are total eye candy for Devon (like Legoland and Build-a-Bear) She flipped out when she saw this Lego Woody (she's made me watch Toystory and Toystory 2 like a gazillion times) She still hasn't seen the newest yet, but everyone keeps telling me that it made them totally bawl, so gotta be prepared......to Devon, everything that's on the larger side is a "Momma" if it's smaller then it's an "Awwwww, Baby!" When she saw this guy it was like "WOOOOW, MOMMAAAA!" It's kinda hard to tell the massiveness of this giraffe by my shot. You can really see it in this pic of his brother from Berlin.
It's also a great place to shoot new items, since all the activity really brought her mood up. Here she's modeling our updated cardi and newest little top. I've also just started to work on a fanpage for DevonRose, so please drop by and support...keep Devon smiling:)


  1. i am so glad you guys got to check it out! looks like you had a good time! did you find a coffee place? toy story is pips favorite also! she hasn't seen it yet! we will have to meet you there next week!

  2. totally! Should we take them to Toystory together too? I wonder if Devon will sit through the whole thing...