Eyes Nose Mouth

One of Devon's favorite things to do is to draw faces. Whenever she's ready to create, she'll come up to me with a crayon in hand and say
"Mommy, eyes...nose..mouth!" Now that she's around her Uncle Mike, her drawing skills have definitely increased. These are some of my favorites...
Isaac says this one reminds him of "Timmy" from SouthPark and this one's "Butters"This is an octopus with whiskers and a uni brow:)


  1. AWWWW!!! How old is she again? These are really good! :D

  2. She is a great artist!
    I love an octopus especially.

  3. thanks girls! She'll be 3 end of August:)

  4. What awesome drawings! And we miss you too! Pip just asked this morning if she could play with Devon

  5. These are so cute! She's quite the little artist. I agree, the first two do look a lot like Timmy and Butters. You might just have the next big comedy central hit on your hands!