Fall Colors

It seems weird to be thinking about Fall (when it just finally feels like Summer here in Southern California) but it's getting to be that time, so I'm switching our shop slowly into it's Fall styles. Here's a sneak peek of our new Fall Pallet (I'm also doing deep reds, dusty/dark blues, and camel colors)


  1. pretty pretty and i like the chair!!!

  2. Same here! I'm already thinking about fall and winter because I'm over this July heat.

    As for meeting up, I'd love to! Thanks for doing this. :) Is there a preferred day of the week you'd like to meet? I would most likely be free on a Tuesday, Thursday and/or Friday of next week? (27, 29, 30).

  3. PRETTY! There's something about folded stacks of fabric and linens that just makes me want to curl up on top of them like a kitten and fall asleep.

  4. It's summer all year round here so it feels good to have people reminding me what's the season in other countries now. I've never been to a country in Fall but judging from these colors, I know I'm going to love Fall!!

    Thank you for letting me know how my story made you smile. I'm sure you and Devon are going to have a fabulous week ahead. :)