~ Anchors Away ~

....she's really gettin' those teeth in now...
...Bik Wu wants him somma-that mini wheat action..
Yesterday, I made this wispy Anchors Away Tank from a vintage remnant (circa 1950's) It's just the type of "hardly there" piece that Devon likes to wear (although I guess most toddlers would prefer no clothing at all) I also added some extra details to a couple of the dresses that I posted here and I'm much happier with the result now. I have four more dresses that I would like to complete by Wednesday (for my Singapore project) and five more orders to fill for the store. I'm thinking about closing shop this Friday (only for one week) so that I can concentrate on my Gen Art submission, it's getting close to the deadline now. I'll see how fast I sew this week (since I've been sick the past couple of days)

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