~ Isn't it Funny? ~

...a sneak peek at one of my outfits for Gen Art styles 2009...
Isn't it funny, that the time I actually stick to my schedule (a big feat for a horrible procrastinator such as myself) and get my pieces ready and shot for my Gen Art Styles 2009 submission, they extend the deadline to March 24th! So, I will have to post my submissions here on the new date (instead of March 17th) Meanwhile, I do feel like this weight's been lifted off of me. It's another project completed, and now I can focus on getting Devon Rose stocked for Spring. We will be opening our new Etsy boutique, Payne (women's ready to wear) on March 24th as well.


  1. Oh I'm so excited. I can't wait to see your womans wear. BRING IT ON!

  2. LOL! awesome! I hope I don't disappoint:)