~ Etsy Happiness ~

This is our newest women's wear item, the Woodgrain Sequin Top. It's a one of a kind and the perfect dressy/casual piece for dancing or date night:)

A little news...
Our interview for fellow Etsian's blog Chalkydoodles "How it's Done" series is up. Thanks so much, Lyn for the wonderful feature and also for spotlighting our new women's wear line!
I've noticed this week that we've been getting a lot more "Etsy love" than usual and that's when I realised that our Teeny Tiny Floral Tunic made it as the top item on the gift guide for the baby category! The Gift Guides are hand picked by Etsy staff from hundreds of thousands of items available, so we are super excited to be on there. Although, I have to say with now over 1,000 views and over 40 hearts, why does it still not have a home?


  1. Love that top, the design and color are simply amazing! Congrats on the gift guide too, it was wonderful for my business when I was featured.....

  2. It's been fun working with you! I'm so glad you made the Etsy Gift Guide. I've had several items featured in the past - and experience says - you'd better start sewing lots of those tops!