~ Pink Fluffy Dreams ~

I love the way Devon will (occasionally ) quietly hang out with me while I'm sewing. She'll busy herself with all of my many, many trims and fabrics~ her favorite being my silk chiffon. I want to make her a tutu out of it with like 15 layers all raw edged and crazy. She could wear it with just a plain white beater and Doc's (even though she doesn't have Docs yet, but what a perfect reason to fix that little problem!)

It always makes me smile to see her so fascinated by these things. I can't help but wonder what kind of pieces she'll make when she's old enough to take over as the designer for Devon Rose. Then, I get a little anxious wondering "what if she decides that she hates fashion and wants to be a motorcycle cop, or a lawyer, or a marine biologist"? That's when I remind myself that whatever she decides to do, she'll be amazing at it. And really, what girl in her right mind wouldn't want to design her own clothing line anyway?

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