~ How it's Done ~

Lyn Pollard at Chalkydoodles asked me to take part in her new Blog Series "How It's Done"

...."we'll get to know a lot of different types of working moms (and grandmoms) and see what they are all doing to keep it all together! We're going to take a unique peek into these women's "worlds" with a behind-the-scenes approach to how they run their businesses, but at the same time thrive in their roles as mothers, wives and friends."
she then goes on to say;

"I couldn't ask all of my featured guests to answer these tough questions without first answering them myself. So, our first featured Mom is - me!"

I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed reading Lyn's answers to these questions (which were very thought provoking and a great experience for me, thanks Lyn!) Of course, my answers were pretty short and sweet. I can't even believe I have a blog! But, it's mostly pretty pictures, so it all makes total sense.

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