New Spring Combo

Devon models our newest items the Rustic Cotton Shell and our Spring Bouquet Skirt. Both pieces are one of a kind. I listed them because they turned out so cute and look lovely with the other merchandise in the store.... but I LOVE them on Devon! I'll most likely pull them in a few weeks (if they don't sell) to keep for Summer time. The beautiful, floral print linen fabric is from Resource Queen. I've purchased other trims from Mary Ellen's shop and she is such a pleasure to work with....LOVE her avatar!!!


  1. keep them!! they are too lovely to sell. i would wear that outfit! how's the move plans going?

  2. thanks! well, now we've decided to sign another 7 month lease... kind of a relief and kind of a bummer at the same time. It was mainly the CRAZY heating bill that was causing us to want to move, but now that its Spring, it should be alot better. That and it's not very kid friendly here... I did find a great playground only a block away for Devon though (weird that it took me 6 months to notice it)