~ Finding a Home ~

We've just started looking for a new place and I've already fallen in love with this house. It's just what we want, a cute little cottage type with lots of character and a great yard for Devon and the dogs to play in. There's three bedrooms, two bathrooms, dark hardwood floors, great kitchen, big trees....so cute! I love the little porch:) I really want this to be the one..fingers crossed!


  1. How cute is this house. I love it. I'll cross my fingers for you, we are in the process of building our first house, it's not my dream place, but it's wonderful and roomy. Good luck.

  2. Beautiful. My type of dream house too. Good luck!! Do keep us update :)


  3. thanks guys! well...we ended up signing another 7 month lease at our loft. Oh well, at least there's awesome views:)