~ Wrappin' it Up ~

Here's the last of my samples for my Singapore project. It took me a couple of days longer then I thought to get them all out, but I'm really happy with the end result. I'm shipping the last of my orders tonight and I've closed our Etsy boutique for one week (will re-open on Saturday 14th) I just really need to focus on my submission so I can get everything perfect for March 17th (I wanna win $5,000!)


  1. Aww these new numbers are so precious. Are you stocking a shop in Singapore these days?

  2. Yes, I want to know what project are you taking part in Singapore too. I'm in Singapore, I can keep a lookout here :D

    These pieces are soooo sweet... Especially love the first one. Hope you'll win that 5k!


  3. thanks so much! no store, they are going direct to the mothers...and daughters:)The 5k that I'm trying to win is actually for Women's Ready to Wear for Gen Art. I'm going to post my submission here after the 17th.