Why am I so Messy?

I'm totally over it! So, I'm doing some serious Spring cleaning before I plunge headfirst into my next project. This is my Juki, my workspace. It's an eye-catching mess, a colorful jumble. I've always been very clever about disguising my messes. But, since I tend to neatly stack unorganized piles of "whatever," they never stay "neat " for very long..........

What I really have a lot of trouble keeping organized is my huge, ever growing pile of trims... mainly ribbons. I found this great storage idea from Candice Palmer's ribbon storage 101 I also like the idea of color coordinating everything and sticking them into glass jars, but I need more shelving for that (Devon can reach most of our table tops quite easily now and she absolutely LOVES to play with my ribbons and fabrics) The rest of the loft needs help too. I guess I've put off decorating (since I thought we would only be living here for less than a year) but looks like we'll be here for awhile longer. Might as well make it easy on the eye ;)

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  1. What a collection of pretty trims! Don't worry, your messy workspace is nothing compare to mine. lol